Master’s Degree Porgrams

Drama, Film and Television

Drama, Film and Television is a comprehensive art discipline, aiming to cultivate high-level drama and film professionals with good professional ethics, systematic professional knowledge, high-level skills and certain artistic attainments

The master's degree program of Drama, Film and Television was established in 2011, including two second-level disciplines:Film and Broadcasting and Television Arts. With the earliest master's degree program, highest academic level and excellent academic team in Shandong, it has been listed as an applied discipline in the discipline revitalization program of Shandong Normal University. Based on the solid foundation of Qilu culture, the discipline closely follows the practice of film and television creation revolving around the major national social science projects and major projects of the Ministry of Education. It cultivates lots of high-level and high-quality compound professionals in the aspect of film and television theory, film and television industry, film and television drama creation, TV program creation, digital media art, occupying an important position in similar disciplines across the country.

Journalism and Communication

Journalism and Communication has benefited from the profound humanistic academic foundation and the support of related superior disciplines. It not only emphasizes theoretical innovation, but also emphasizes the practice of journalism and communication. It has always been adhering to the educational concept :Take the frontier theory as the forerunner; take the systematic theory and practice of Journalism and communication as the foundation; take the cultivation of advanced and innovative journalism and communication talents as the core. It aims to cultivate a high-level all-media professionals with good political and ideological quality and professional ethics, modern concepts and international vision of journalism and communication, profound knowledge of China's basic national conditions and skilled theory and method of journalism and communication .

The master’s degree program of Journalism and Communication (First-level Discipline)was established in 2010, including three master programs of second-level discipline:Journalism,Communication,Journalism and Communication. The program of master’s degree authorization of the Journalism and the Communication were established at the same time in 2006, which were the earliest batch of master program of news communication in Shandong. The program of MJC’s authorization was established at the same time with the first-level discipline in 2010, which was the first batch of program of MJC’s authorization in China.

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